The various shapes, colors and properties of the glass are due to the many processesavailable.

Categories of processing

The first operation subjected to glass is cutting to certain dimensions, which is executed automatically, through an integrated cutting – optimization software, procedure performed with dimensional accuracy.

The raw glass is purchased from the largest manufacturers as Guardian, AGC, Saint-Gobain, in all existing formats, most often using the JUMBO format (6000 × 3210). Its storage is made on special racks, depending on the type of glass.

Bystronic - SMFR automatic cutting line

TDC Glass can cut any type of glass, from clear float to the newest types of laminated float glass and ornament glass, with different thicknesses, from 3 to 19 mm.

Hegla - laminated glass cutting line

On this line we cut specific dimensions of laminated / duplex and coated glass (thicknesses 331 to 882), from all existing formats, including JUMBO format.

The glass panels to be thermally secured must be finished on the edges before securing, in order to remove the small craks on the edges of the panel when cutting. Fissurs can break the glass during or after the securing process.

Depending on the customer‘s requirements and the range of use of the glass panel, the edges can be partially processed with cross bands (detensioning), fine polishing with abrasive disc (matt polishing) or glossypolishing. The edges can have different profiles with various types of processing (eg edge-top-edge, round grinding).